Miss her smile and tender touch?

Your wife is withholding both for a reason. I’ll tell you why in The Strong Man’s Guide to Less Fighting & More Sex. Build a marriage that’s warm, fun, close, and intimate again!

4.8 out of 5 stars!

“Weak men are everywhere. But as you’ll hear Jeff say, he wrote this book with an assumption: Men actually want to be strong. You want to be strong. A hero awaiting the call to action lives in each of us. This book is that call.” (Jason Laase)

Seriously?! HOW DOES HE KNOW THIS?! Jeff takes the deep, complicated, inner workings of the female psyche and plainly spells them out for his tribe. See why I call him the Wife Whisperer. (Bridget Depew)

Meet Your Coach

I was a mediocre husband for 15 years. I was a superstar at work, but Rip Van Winkle at home, sleeping through most of my married life.

When my wife began her slow exit from our marriage, I did everything wrong. I didn’t know it at the time, of course, but I only pushed her further away. It was depressing. It was infuriating. I desperately wanted to save my marriage but didn’t know how.

Today, I teach husbands how to avoid the mistakes I made. How to build strong and sexy marriages. How to grow and become great men. (It’s kind of an obsession.) I’m not a relationship coach. I’m a help-my-wife-is-shut-down-and-i-think-i’m-losing-her coach.

Is sex a distant memory? Has your wife hinted at separation? Maybe she’s even asked you to move out. My online course — How to Win Your Wife Back — was written just for you! It’s a clear, turn-by-turn navigation system for men determined to avoid the devastation of divorce. It includes an active online community and group coaching calls over Zoom. How to Win Your Wife Back has everything you need to pivot, move from zero to hero, and yes, win your wife back!

Veronica smiling. Wife Magnet. Help for sexless and sex-starved marriages. Coaching for men and couples.


CEO of Pump Up Cinema

Jeff nails the psyche of a woman and gives page-by-page cheat sheets on how to speak our language. Guys, become the husband she respects, adores, and can’t keep her hands off!


Actor, Days of Our Lives

I love my wife deeply, but Jeff’s work called me to a much higher plane. Fellas, this is the marriage you’ve always wanted to have. This is the husband you’ve always wanted to be. Go for it!

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