There’s a tremor in the force. (Darth Vader)

Momentum has shifted.

A few minutes ago, your marriage was in free fall. Plummeting toward the earth. On a collision course with ugly: more anger, more hostility, more finger-pointing, more hurtful words, more resentment, more tears, more sleepless nights, and, most likely, an acrimonious separation and divorce.

Yet, with one strong move in the right direction — choosing to immerse yourself in this online course and community — you’ve reversed course! You’ve regained your footing. You’re climbing again.

Gradually at first, and yes, the terrain is steep and unpredictable, but with each small step, you push closer to the summit. I can tell you from experience, the view is incredible from up here. I wouldn’t trade it — or the pain I endured to reach the top — for anything!

We were made for the climb.

Welcome to base camp. I’m Jeff and I’ll be your guide.

A Powerful Movement

What began as a vow seven years ago — “I’ll do everything I can to help other men and their families avoid the devastation of divorce” — has grown into a powerful movement. Men around the world are waking up! We’re waking up to our true greatness. Our true potential. Our true strength.

You’re one of us now.

I’m in your corner. So is this entire community. “Other men and their families” is now you and your family.

Your Next Step

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I’m pumped to meet you!